World History of Lies

Life in this world is not always black and white. It is full of gray and other shades of colors. Full of lies at the mainstream, governments and major news. Completely tak masuk akal.

In this insane world, right is not necessarily right or perceived as the truth. In the good version, right simply means what the majority (including you and me) think “IS” right. The bad version…right is what those in power (not including you and me) want those without power (you and me) to think is right.

Just like history. “History” does not refer to the actual turn of events in the past, but the turn of events according to the people who wrote the historical piece.

There, you see! The world today is mad.

All are lies in this world. Layers upon layers of unscrupulous misrepresentation of the truth. The massaged lies are perceived as the truths by the public.

Manipulation of history begins with “bad” news.

“News” is another word that is highly manipulated. Do you think the word news refer to what actually took place in the recent past?

Nooo….The actual fact is that news simply is “what the news writers want you to think happened”.

Here is an example.

When a brutal bombing and killing of a group of people in Palestine took place, the CNN reports “Top-ranked Al-Qaeda leaders killed in a US missile strike”. Al-Jazeera reports “Bride and groom among 20 died in a US missile strike of a Palestinian wedding ceremony” on the same incident.

News is the younger brother of history. Same blood, same DNA. Bad to the bone.

They are both corrupt and corrupting.

The only absolutely-true news, worthy of the prime time television or the front pages of the news prints is one that reports natural disasters or road accidents or strange things or events that those in power could not care less.

Unfortunately soo…


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